Ultimate Army Birthday Party Games (2023)

Below you’re going to find some Ultimate Birthday Party Games for your child’s Army Theme.

This list of games is growing everyday, so check back often. Or if you figure out a new "Batman" themed game, please send it in so we can share it with the rest of the world.

Before we get started I have listed a few survival tips to help your party run smoother:

First, make sure you select games you think your child will love and pick some back-ups, just in case. Next, setup a schedule of events before the party on which games will be played, what order and a time limit. Finally, don’t forget the “fun” factor in the party. Not every child is going to win every event, so make sure each event is designed to be “fun”, “loud” and “enjoyable”.

Hopefully these tips will help reduce your party stress and allow you to enjoy the party. So have fun at the Ultimate Party!

Oh yeah, don’t forget the camera!!!

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-- Ultimate Kid Birthday Party Games --

* Water Brigade: For their first high priority assignment, your unit must put out a fire that is destroying civilian crops! Divide the soldiers into two teams; line the teams up next to each other. Put a bucket full of water at the head of each line and give the first person in each line a large cup full of water. Place an empty bucket for each team about 35 ft away. Blow a whistle or say “GO!” the first person runs to the empty bucket, pours the water into it, and races back to their team with the empty cup. They should pass off the cup to the next teammate who fills the cup, runs to the bucket, pours the water in it and brings the cup back for the next player. When each team member has run down and back the game is over. To see which team has carried the most water down, insert sticks into each bucket and compare the water lines.

-- Ultimate Kid Birthday Party Games --

* Drill Sergeant Says: This is a simple game of Simon with a twist of Army. Next you are going to need a Drill Sergeant. Any volunteers? Oh yes, we have the honorary Mom and Dad. Try and dress up with a hat, sunglasses and shaved head. To play the game, the Drill Sergeant will give commands like: Drill Sergeant Says run for 10 seconds! You can have them respond with a Yes Drill Sergeant. If the Drill Sergeant didn't say "Drill Sergeant Says" and a few kids keep doing the commands, they have to go down for a few pushups. This really gives the kids the feel of Army-like drills!!

-- Ultimate Kid Birthday Party Games --

* Pack Up Relay: Find or borrow full size backpacks and things that would go inside (canteens, compass, pack of food, plate, etc). You will need one pack per team and one item per person. Have the teams line up with their pack. The first person must run to the pile of item #1 with the pack on, take the pack off, put the item into the pack, put the pack back on and run back to their team. Continue this until each child has picked up at least one item. The kids will love this game because they get to work as a team.

-- Ultimate Kid Birthday Party Games --

* Missing In Action (MIA): Hide plastic Army Men outside and inform your soldiers that there are some fellows Soldiers Missing In Action. Send your soldiers out on a Top Secret Mission to locate and bring back as many plastic Army Men as they can find. You can keep score by how many they bring back.

-- Ultimate Kid Birthday Party Games --

* The Balloon Pop: This is a perfect game to get the kids to interact with each other more. Before the party, blow up a bunch of balloons and put a piece of paper inside that has different instructions, such as, “Do 10 Push-ups”, “Run 2 Laps”, “Do 15 Jumping Jacks”, “Tell another soldier to do 15 Jumping Jacks”, “Just got Promoted”, etc. The kids will love the anticipation of popping a balloon and finding out what their orders are. Have fun and be creative.

-- Ultimate Kid Birthday Party Games --

* Rescue the Injured Soldier: Divide up the soldiers into two teams. Provide each team with a gurney (tarp or beach towel) and a roll of toilet paper. One person on the team will be the “Injured Soldier” and should be positioned about 40 yards from his teammates. When you say, “Go” the team runs across the yard to their injured soldier. They first wrap up the injured soldier in toilet paper, then transfer him to the gurney and finally transport him back to their starting position (I would suggest having one child hold a corner). This game is guaranteed to be loads of fun!

-- Ultimate Kid Birthday Party Games --

* Mine Field: Start out by placing a bunch of water balloons in the yard and blindfolding each soldier. Have them try and walk across the minefield without breaking any balloons.

-- Ultimate Kid Birthday Party Games --

* Grenade Toss: Before the party, construct some bean bags out of camo fabric and fill them up with rice. You could also purchase beanbags at your local party or fabric store. Place to cement blocks about 3 feet apart and place board on them. Next, setup of different types and sizes of pop bottles for the targets. Give the soldiers the beanbags and let them take aim. Try different distances to increase the difficulty.

-- Ultimate Kid Birthday Party Games --

* Water Grenade War: Begin by constructing two barricades for the children to hide behind (these can be made out of cardboard and spray painted for effect). Give the kids the balloons and watch the fun unfold before your eyes. Just remember, you can’t have too many grenades!

-- Ultimate Kid Birthday Party Games --

* Obstacle Course: I would suggest placing this game last in your order of Birthday Party Games. This will be the most challenging and exciting. Here are few ideas on different obstacles you could incorporate into your Ultimate Course. Use a board as a plank to run across a water obstacle or between to cement blocks. Get some tires for the soldiers to step or run through. Use 5 gallon buckets with poles taped across for the soldiers to crawl under. Make some obstacles the soldiers can run and weave around, such as, garbage cans or buckets. Throw in some physical exercises like jumping jacks and pushups. While the soldiers are running through the obstacle, make sure you are acting just like a Drill Sergeant. There should be lots of yelling and encouragement. You could also be shooting a water gun at them or throwing water grenades. This should be the Ultimate game, so take your time designing the course and have fun!

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