This Hair Colour Guide Is The Best For Brides (2023)

There are plenty of hair colours and numerous trending hair colour techniques that can leave you confused, here are some tips to solve your confusion.

When we talk about bridal colours and themes, reds, greens, pinks and golds have been dominating the wedding scenes from years. However, we see a change in the trend with more neutral and pastel tones making headway into millennial weddings. Colours dictate everything right from ambience, mood, outfits, décor and of course the bridal get up. The large part of the pre-wedding preps is centred around choosing the colour scheme and making sure the rest is followed as per the theme. Brides-to-be make extra efforts to ensure that their bridal outfit, make-up and hair also fits into the wedding theme. Every bride wants to look her best and works very hard to achieve that.

Javed Khan, Technical Manager, Streax Professional says that extending colour to your hair is extremely important as it has the power to accentuate and bring out the inner glow of the bride. While we put in so much effort, looking for hairstyles that will perfectly go with the wedding outfits, hair colour is a fun addition that will make sure that your chosen hairstyle stands out and makes you look splendid. There are plenty of hair colours and numerous trending hair colour techniques that can leave you confused.

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Here are some tips on best hair colours and techniques that you can effortlessly choose from which will add to your bridal look:

  • If you have naturally brown hair, then your best bet would be to choose a colour that is a few shades lighter than your natural shade. However, ensure you get a generous amount of streaks so that the colour is visible.
  • Darker bridal hair colour on the top half of the hair and a lighter shade towards the ends is yet another option that makes for fantastic hair colour.

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  • Caramel is the best hair colour for brides who don’t mind going a bit bold. Fine highlights in caramel colour on brown hair will give you that much-needed oomph on your big day.

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  • All that traditional jewellery and the embroidered lehenga will go perfectly with jet black hair too. This will by far be the best hair colour for brides going traditional.

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  • Chocolate brown is a stunning colour if you like slightly deeper hair colours, pick the rich chocolate brown and opt for a global hair look. If you do not want to have so much colour on your hair, you can very well go for stylish highlights.
  • If you don’t want to experiment too much, the natural look would be the best and will do the trick of adding a glow to your bridal look. For this look, opt for a colour that isn’t very different from your original one and gets lots of streaks to make the colour visible.
  • Who doesn’t want a subtle look if the rest of the accessories is heavy? Go for an angel touch of soft blonde using honey tones, this one is sure to complement the Indian skin tone well.

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  • From the several that are available, colouring techniques such as the ombre effect are perfect for those who don’t want to go too bold with their colour choice but still, want to reflect some colour on their tresses.

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  • Balayage is another trending colouring technique that is with freehand strokes of colour on your hair. This gives you a natural look while adding vibrancy to your crowning glory. It doesn’t look outdated, and in fact, it creates an illusion of thicker hair, a must option for girls with thin hair.

So now you have plenty of options to choose from, all you must do is add some sparkle to your crowning glory and make your wedding the most memorable of the season! If you have hair woes like dandruff, frizzy hair, oily hair and more then find out the remedies by clicking on them.

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