Solar Lights For Parking Lots - (2023)

LANGY 120 Watts Solar Street Light for Parking Lot, Yard, Garage, Garden, and More

You can quickly enhance the look and safety of your parking lot or car park areas with our affordable solar-powered parking lot lighting solutions.Securing and illuminating a large parking lot without spending too much is now possible.Installing solar lights for parking lots is effortless, mount the fixture to your pole, fence, or even wall using the provided hardware, and the solar light is ready to use.

Greenlytes all-in-one solar street lighting systems are perfect for illuminating a parking lot, private street, driveway, military facilities, or any open area. These solar lights for parking lots are more energy-efficient than any regular parking lot light. In addition to reduced energy charges, solar lights add safety.This type of outdoor lighting provides illumination to areas for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Yes. When faced with the initial investment required, many companies and governments cringe when considering solar parking lot lighting as an option. As a general rule, due to the extrasolar components, the price of a solar light will be around fifty percent more than the price of a conventional light.

Outdoor car parking often have large areas for customers and visitors. Lighting in parking lots can be expensive. Energy saving in exterior car park lighting is getting increasingly important. Especially, companies in commercial zone or factories in industrial zone with shift work requires to illuminate the car park through the night.

Solar parking lot lights is come up with standalone design which is 100% powered by the sun. There is no need to connect the power grid. That is to say, it saves the cost of electricity cable investment and time to dig.

Solar led parking lot lights can detect people and vehicle presence to provide lighting as set-up. It enable you to create more sustainable car park lighting while keeping visitors safe and comfortable.

Solar parking lot lights are a great option for adding lighting to your parking areas. But why is parking lighting important?

The price can also be a deterrent if you are planning to illuminate a large parking lot. The initial investment can be quite high, but you will see a return on your investment over time.

If youve weighed all of the above factors, then solar lighting for a public parking lot can be the right choice for your property or business.

One of the main reasons why this type of energy source is being held in high regard is because of how harmless it is to the environment. Since it doesnt produce CO2 emissions or other harmful gases, it is a very environment-friendly source of energy. Still, there are other benefits to add.

This investment is great in the long-term run because youll be saving money that otherwise you would be paying in electricity consumption. As mentioned in this article, although the investment may be big at first, solar-energy technology maintenance and function costs are pretty affordable. Of course, there are other advantages to it and recommend you to check the article if you want to learn more about them.

LUXMAN 12V Solar Parking Lot Lights are designed for providing off-grid solar lighting to outdoor car parking lot and garage.

Luxman has designed and developed the solar parking lamps with good waterproof performance stability.

With its own flexibility, users can install lights on the wall or onto the lamp pole. It can be moved freely without the limitation of wires for re-location or other purpose.

Luxmans solar panel parking lights can be controlled by remote controller. Its functions include the following:

switch off lamps

Luxman solar powered parking lights can be used to in commercial, industrial or home areas.

Solar Power Lights Are Versatile

Installing Greenshine New Energy solar LED parking lot lights

Solar parking lot lights can be installed almost anywhere. Theres no need to consider where your gas lines are buried and no need to disturb your landscaping to install these lights. Or, you can keep them as portable lights. This is especially useful for businesses with traveling storefronts, like food trucks and festivals.

Whether your parking lot is huge, small, or full of twists and turns, solar parking lot lights can be placed anywhere in order to provide adequate lighting for your patrons.

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The Economic Advantage Of Switching To Solar Lighting For Car Parking For Any Size Of Business

Of course, one of the best benefits of choosing commercial solar lighting for parking lots is the money youll save on energy bills. While installing solar lights can be a significant investment, they will quickly pay for themselves with reduced energy costs. Using solar energy, this lighting will never put a strain on your budget or the local utility company no matter how many lights your property needs. Each unit is powered by a battery that is charged throughout the day, and then capable of providing strong, steady light from dusk to dawn and beyond. Some high-quality commercial-grade LED solar lights can even stay lit for several days on a single charge. With minimal repairs and upkeep required, business-grade lighting for car parks is an excellent choice for all commercial parking lot area needs.

Do Solar Street Lights Work During The Darker Winter Season

One concern that you might have is whether or not the solar street lighting that you install will work during the shorter days of the winter season. The solar lighting system will not have as much time to charge up when the sunlight is not as long as it is during the bright summer months. The fact is that solar lighting systems are outfitted with a battery that keeps the lighting going for up to three full nights and the requirement to recharge the solar panel is just one fully sunny day.

Commercial solar street lights are an ideal solution to lighting when options are limited. Instead of spending extra money to trench areas and add electrical wiring, these stand-alone options can be quickly installed and moved very easily to just about any location. Solar street lights are cost effective and work for many difficult locations.

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Solar Parking Lot Lighting Quote

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Solar Is The Most Cost

Solar Lights For Parking Lots - (1)

Our parking lot lights feature a modern and slim design that looks great.The sleek frame and size offer significant benefits. You can install them practically anywhere. Because our street lights are solar-powered, no electrical wiring or trenching is necessary. Feel free to place the solar lights for parking lots in any sunny location!The intelligent human infrared technology automatically adjusts the brightness of the LEDs. It dims when there is no movement and intensifies when motion is detected.Our solar street lights feature high lumen LEDs that automatically adjust according to surrounding activity and natural illumination levels.

This excellent feature ensures there is enough power saved up for the entire night and overcast days.

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Leonlite 300w Led Parking Lot Light

The fabulous 300W Leonlite LED parking lot light with photocell renders 42,000lm of ultra-bright light. A good substitute for the traditional 1500W halogen lamp, it comes coupled with both dusk-to-dawn mode and manual dimming, and you have the option of switching the mode with an uncomplicated change of the cap on the top.

Owing to the built-in 6000V surge protector, they arevery safe to use. Thus, this light is suitable for use in parking lots,driveways, and sports fields. This industrial parking lot light is UL listedfor high quality.


  • No DLC certification

Safety And Convenience Are In Focus For Business With Solar Lighting For Car Parking

Another great advantage of commercial-grade solar lighting for car parking in 2021-2022 is the added safety and convenience it offers. Each exterior solar powered light unit is self-contained, using the power of the sun and solar panels to provide bright, steady light all night long. Without electric wiring to worry about, the risks of fire are significantly reduced. Also, business-oriented LED solar lighting for parking lots does not rely on a power grid or local utility. This makes lights powered by solar energy more reliable than electric lights, especially during severe weather or power grid failures. Exterior Solar lighting allows easily extension or creation of new parking areas in less time and for far less cost than more traditional electric lights. You can also do so with less impact on adjacent parts of the property or the surrounding environment. With outdoor solar parking lot lighting, it is possible to protect your property and keep your environmental impact low all at the same time.

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Ontario Parking Lot Lighting Repair Experts

When current lighting at a location is not correctly located or bright enough for the security and impact required, our well-trained technicians provide the location, the circuit and the light fixture.

Additionally, we provide total roll outs for new circuitry and outlets in many of our retail & multi-location restaurants. We make your life easier by providing as many quality services for signs, parking lot lighting & electrical as possible for the Ontario area.

  • Parking lot light lamp & ballast repair and replacement
  • Parking structure light repair and replacement
  • LED parking lot light replacements
  • New Installations

How Our Solar Lighting Overcomes Barriers To Parking Lot Lighting

Solar LED Parking Lot Lighting

There are some barriers to lighting parking lots.

Light Pollution and Light Tresspass – Neighbors and local governments might be concerned. They might not want sky glow to spoil their view of the sky. They may also be worried about light encroaching on their property or into their homes. Fonroche has solutions that are Dark Sky Compliant. We can also provide shields to prevent light spilling into the wrong places.

Cost – With the new Inflation Reduction Act, investing in solar has never been more affordable. You can recover 30% or more of you solar lighting equipment and installation cost with the Investment Tax Credit.

If you have any questions about lighting your parking lot, please contact us by phone or email. We can assist you in selecting the best solar powered parking lot lights for your needs.

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Why Use Solar Lighting

Providing commercial solar parking lot lighting can enhance safety, encourage retail traffic, and reduce liability. And its convenient and cost-effective. Easy-to-install solar lighting avoids design work, trenching and re-striping. Solar-powered area lights meet the specific challenges of parking lots.

Its the right choice for parking lots:

  • Aging underground infrastructure
  • Paved parking areas in need of lighting
  • Trenching challenges including permitting, wetlands, bedrock, and landscaping
  • Sustainability, Net Zero CO2 or LEED targets
  • Overflow parking needs in areas without infrastructure

If you have any questions about our solar parking lot lights, please contact us by phone or email. We can assist you in selecting the best solar powered parking lot lights for your needs.

Best Solar Parking Lot Lights

If you are wondering, what is the best solar parking lot lights? We’re here to solve your problems! By researching 2,373 to come up with the most accurate information, we believe we can help you find best solar parking lot lights!

These are top-rated products from objective reviews of consumers we listed top 22 best solar parking lot lights currently, which is helpful for you to choose among lots of brands such as LEONLITE, Szyoumy, TENKOO, YQL, Lcamaw, KUKUPPO, Lovus, APONUO, WERISE, SOLLA, Juyace, NIORSUN, BEEZOK, HYKOONT, HANDAR.

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Why Greenshine Led Light Parking

Commercial solar powered parking lot lighting is an efficient way to drastically decrease electricity bills. Our 100% off-grid system helps you save big money as it does not require trenching and has low maintenance costs over time.Greenshine has more than 30 years of experience in developing solar-powered LED lighting systems. Our engineers will provide you with lighting photometric simulations, layouts specific to your application, and appropriate system configurations for your local solar conditions.

Financing is available! Greenshine partnered with Balboa Capital, a top-rated direct lender to offer fast, easy, and affordable equipment financing options. We help you get your solar lighting project funded!

Do Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights Really Work

Solar Lights For Parking Lots - (2)

Some do and some do not. Be sure that your system is designed for commercial use. It needs to be sized for a specific geographic location too. Also check for references and previous experience.

Fonroche Lighting America makes some of the best solar parking lights in the world, requiring minimal or no maintenance. Weve been bringing solar lighting to parking lots and other areas for many years. Its a great use of solar lighting systems, and a proven success.

Here’s an example. We installed our first solar lighting project at Sandia National Labs in 2006. They are still in operation. Since then ten additional projects of our solar powered parking lot lights were installed.

Our solar lights tolerate heat, wind, and flooding. Fonroches application designers will help you find the right SmartLight model for your project. First, they analyze your climate. Then they use recognized lighting practices to create a layout.

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Kadision 150w Led Parking Lot Light With Photocell

The Kadision LED light belonging to the parking lot series has been upgraded recently to a newer model, enabling higher lumens of 130lm per watt. It offers an output of about 19500 lumens which can operate well in any parking lot and substitute a 500W MH or HPS/HID. Once the replacement is done, these pole lights can dramatically lower energy bills. Further, this fixture may operate either with or without the photocell sensor.

Most importantly, the LED Shoebox lights smooth dimming feature from 20-100% with modern LED dimmers allows you to control the look and mood of your space. It protects against input surge, output over-voltage, short-circuits, and over-temperature to ensure trouble-free operation. Installation problems have been plaguing a vast number of customers.


The Importance Of Car Parking Lot Lighting For Business In Australia

The most versatile and cost-effective choice for parking lots in Australia is commercial solar car parking lighting. Car parking spots and garages are an essential part of any commercial business regardless of size and industry. Not only do they provide access to entrances and buildings, but they should also be adequately lit at night to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, clients, and their vehicles. A dark parking lot area can be a magnet for accidents, injuries, and unwanted criminal activity, making it essential to choose the best options for keeping your car parking areas lit brightly.

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Where Can You Use Our Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights

Our solar lights tolerate heat, wind, and flooding. Fonroches application designers will help you select the right SmartLight model for your project. Choices include single or twin systems with a range of pole heights and power capabilities. Fonroche commercial solar parking lot lights are a great choice for:

  • New park and ride lots, which often dont have electricity available nearby
  • Parks and reserves

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Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Solar Parking Lot Lighting Simulation | Broken Sound Country Club | Greenshine New Energy

Solar Power Systems for Parking Lot Lighting

Opting solar power systems is a tricky choice because all you want is a reliable, hassle-free, well-designed, well-engineered, and perfectly configured products that function the way you want. Solar lighting for parking lots is emerging as a big-hit since it is not just providing simplified ways to the parking lots lighting but opens up new ways of designing the up-coming and current projects to eliminate extra-working on building conventional lights for a parking lot. These systems provide you with different style fixtures for illuminating parking lots and surrounding areas.


It can be installed in parking lots of hospitals, in order to facilitate the patients, staff, and the visitors. Maintenance-free and wireless nature makes it ideal for commercial areas. The use of solar panels and energy conservation process eliminates electrical failure or damage situations to occur in parking lots. Solar lighting in public parking lots near parks or outdoor area provides security to the visitors. Offers less chance of crash or hitting during late-night parking, or parking in the densely populated area. Different fixture styles and customized solutions are also available to cater your requirement.

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