Solar Lights For Parking Lots - (2023)

Parking Lot And Roadway Lighting

LANGY 120 Watts Solar Street Light for Parking Lot, Yard, Garage, Garden, and More

Urban Solars Solar LED Lighting series is a complete pole-mounted system that provides reliable parking lot lighting, street illumination, roadways, parks, playgrounds, trails and greenways.

Solar arrays and battery banks are sized based on site conditions for reliable performance, and our team will work with you to find the best parking lot lighting configuration for your project.

Buying Guide For The Best Commercial Solar Led Parking Lot Lights

Before you pick the next set of solar Powered parking lot lights that you find, consider a few points.


Anti-glare is an approved standard for all modern commercial solar LED parking lot lamps for the sake of safety in the parking lot. There are several ways of achieving anti-glare in the lights. A popular approach is to use a special lens that directs the light to the desired spot. Even when people look at the light directly, they wont go blind.

Color Temperature

Ever seen those parking lot lights that tend to confuse the eyes about the real color of an object? Such lights have a problem related to the color rendering index . The CRI is simply a parameter for the realistic reproduction of all spectrum colors as compared to natural light. A parking lot light with poor CRI doesnt help the observer see the subtle differences of contrast and color, so insist on the highest CRI possible.

Light Uniformity

As the term suggests, light uniformity is all about the illumination of an area being at the same brightness level. Given the superior visibility necessary in the parking lot, you want to give this feature priority when selecting the commercial solar Powered parking lot lights. Most parking lots are fine with a ratio of 3:1, but it is always recommendable to engage a specialist when selecting the lights.

Lights Controls

Now, let us review the three best quality commercial solar Powered parking lot lights.

Antlux 150w Led Parking Lot Lights

AntLux is a highly recognized manufacturer of lightfixtures. Once you install the 150W LED parking lot lights from AntLux,surrounding areas will be well lit with over 18,600 lumens. The 5000k LED bulbdelivers a bright white light that offers clear visibility. As a result ofusing only 150 watts of power, the energy bill would reduce as well.

Furthermore, the included photocell assures that thelights turn on at dusk and switch off at sunrise. The LED parking lot lightsare easily installable and are not at all time-consuming.


  • Not UL and DCL certified
  • The angle of the brackets is not adjustable

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Boost Your Curb Appeal

A bright parking lot increases operating hours, improves curb appeal, and gives users a greater sense of safety. Our included sizing and system check ensures you invest in the proper number of efficient solar lights for your location and get exactly the amount of light you need for a system that lasts.

Guaranteed reliability for 10 years.

Our Build & Price sizing engine determines the most reliable and cost-effective solution for your project and location.

Sol guarantees performance and can help create a positive impact in your community. Learn how:

Choosing Solar Power Parking Lot Lights

Solar Lights For Parking Lots - (1)

If youve decided to make a parking lot investment and install some solar lights, you may be overwhelmed with the choice available on the market. Which light is best? There are a few things to consider:

Order size: Smaller businesses will want to choose lights from a manufacturer that doesnt require a minimum order. If you need to order one more light to cover a small parking lot expansion, you dont want to have to order five.

Temperature: Those businesses in cold areas will want a solar light that is rated to perform well in the cold, or that has good insulation around the battery.

Warranty: Solar power parking lot lights are simple to replace, if necessary, but you can save even more money if the light is still under a comprehensive warranty.

Lumens: Though Watts is a familiar measurement, it isnt the most important one. Instead, youll want to investigate your solar parking lot lights lumens. Lumens is a measurement of light output. A household light-bulb will provide a few hundred lumens. A solar-powered parking lot light should provide a few thousand lumens, as the light has to travel to the ground. Keep in mind that LED lights dont give off as much light as incandescent lights, though they are more energy-efficient.

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Components Of Solar Outdoor Lights

  • Solar PV panel consists of photovoltaic cells that are wired together and convert sunlight into direct current electricity.
  • Solar charge controller regulates the voltage and current that is coming from the solar panel. It uses the panel to charge the battery, keeps it from overcharging and prolongs the battery’s life span.
  • Batteries store the energy that can later be used to supply lights and various electrical appliances when there is a demand.
  • LED light provides high-quality illumination using energy produced by solar panels.

Solar Parking Lot Lights: Conclusion

It is not an easy feat as a business manager to decide on the solar parking lot lights to use for your business. However, parking lot lights are essential for the security of the business premises and opting for solar lights eliminate unnecessary overhead cost in the long run. Start your free inquiry about Solar Street Light Now!

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Solar Parking Lot Light Technology

Our photovoltaic panels use Greenshine smart power technology which gives the rechargeable battery up to 6 days of autonomy. Our solar panels are composed of mono-crystalline silicon, which provides more efficient performance and, as a result, our powered solar parking lot light batteries last longer and deliver a better lighting result.Commercial solar parking lot lights are an efficient way to drastically decrease electricity bills. Our 100% off-grid system helps you save big as it does not require trenching and has low maintenance costs over time.

Reliable And Powerful Solution

Installing Greenshine New Energy solar LED parking lot lights

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Light is an excellent choice for parking lots and general area lighting. Our street light with advanced LED lamps and Solar panels are efficient and powerful solution that will reliably work 365 days in a year.

Unique and awarded design of our products present valuable asset for increasing curb appeal of your property and an effective tool to obtain LEED credits from Green Building Council.

Our solar street light solutions are suitable for new and existing parking lot installations. With no need for excavation work and cable laying our products are both, cost and time effective option. Compared to traditional public lighting, it will save you up to 30% upfront cost and eliminate electricity bills in the future.

Providing safety and security to communities is an essential role of EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Lights.Additional features such as remote management, movement sensors, video surveillance, Wi-Fi Hot Spot, traffic monitoring and environmental sensors will enhance safety of your family and property.

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Recommended Solar Powered Lights For Parking Lots

Our beautiful and easy-to-install CEGONIA lights are perfect for already-paved parking lots and do not damage the existing structures for installation. This elegant solar lighting solution provides a greater sense of safety and helps protect your business and pedestrians with 90% downward light. As self-contained units with their own fixtures and power systems, the lights can be installed quickly and effortlessly. They also use Philips LED chips to provide a wide range of lighting intensity depending on the environment. We have both single and double fixture solution to fit your needs.

Solar Is The Most Cost

Our parking lot lights feature a modern and slim design that looks great.The sleek frame and size offer significant benefits. You can install them practically anywhere. Because our street lights are solar-powered, no electrical wiring or trenching is necessary. Feel free to place the solar lights for parking lots in any sunny location!The intelligent human infrared technology automatically adjusts the brightness of the LEDs. It dims when there is no movement and intensifies when motion is detected.Our solar street lights feature high lumen LEDs that automatically adjust according to surrounding activity and natural illumination levels.

This excellent feature ensures there is enough power saved up for the entire night and overcast days.

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Consider Parking Lot Safety

Unlit parking lots are notorious for crime, drugs, loitering, and vandalism. A well-lit parking lot deters bad behavior and makes employees and customers feel safe. Solar parking lots offer a bit more safety than lights tied to the grid. They will keep working during power outages, just when criminals are most tempted to disturb your property.

They also usually come with light sensors, so they turn on the moment the light levels are low. That means you cant forget to turn them on or forget to adjust the timer for daylight savings time. A solar parking lot is always lit.

With a well-lit parking lot, you provide visibility for your employees and customers, allow accurate lighting for security cameras, and keep your building and the surrounding area safe. Solar parking lot lights are no different in that they provide adequate lighting to serve this purpose.

Lumen Solar Parking Lot Light

Solar Lights For Parking Lots - (2)

New 100W, 12,000 lumen solar parking lot light. This solar light is packed with features and can save on your electric bill.

This solar parking lot light has been designed to turn on at dusk and stay on at 100% brightness for a period of 60 seconds. After 60 seconds if no motion is detected it will go into power saving mode and dim to 30% brightness.

Once motion is detected it will go to 100% brightness until motion is no longer detected, where it goes back down to 30% brightness. This feature helps the solar parking lot light last longer. It is important to place the lights where they will receive the maximum sunlight.

Please note, the pole is not included. You must supply your own pole. This makes it easy to retrofit existing parking lot lights.


  • Motion detector, increases light to 100%, no motion, down to 30% brightness
  • Bright 12,000 lumens
  • Charge Time: 6-7 Hours with sufficient Sunlight
  • Solar Panel: 18V/120W Max
  • Operating Temp: -40 to 113 degrees F
  • Elements Protection: IP65
  • Warranty: 3 years. Serviceable in El Paso, TX
  • Diameter of Top: 34 Inches
  • Height: 19 Inches
  • Recommended Pole Height: 15-20 feet
  • Tenon Pole Adaptor: Fit 2.5″ and 3″ Poles

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Where Can You Use Our Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights

Our solar lights tolerate heat, wind, and flooding. Fonroches application designers will help you select the right SmartLight model for your project. Choices include single or twin systems with a range of pole heights and power capabilities. Fonroche commercial solar parking lot lights are a great choice for:

  • New park and ride lots, which often dont have electricity available nearby
  • Parks and reserves
  • Schools with paved lots and little or no existing lighting

List Of Best Led Parking Lot Lights In 2022

  • Lepro 200W LED Parking Lot Light, Dusk to Dawn Shoebox Light
  • Ledmo 200W LED Parking Lot Lights
  • LEONLITE 300W LED Parking Lot Light
  • RuggedGrad 150-Watt LED NextGen II LED Parking Lot Light
  • Lightpolesplus 120w LED, 12 Shoebox Light Fixture
  • HYPERLITE LED Parking Lot Light 200W
  • AntLux 150W LED Parking Lot Lights
  • Hykolity LED Parking-100W Lot Light with Photocell
  • EverWatt 300W LED Outdoor Parking Lot Light
  • Kadision 150W LED Parking Lot Light with Photocell
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    Solar Powered Parking Lot Light Fixtures

    SLIs X-35-LED and Stealth solar parking lot lights use Phillips Illumiled 5050, LED Chips. Solar Lighting International solar parking lot lighting, street and highway lighting come in many options: 6400 lumens, 6600 lumens,12800 lumens, 13300 lumens, 16,000 lumens, and 19400 lumens for standard fixtures. Should your parking lot require significantly more light, it is possible to double up using a bullhorn to 38,800 lumens per pole.

    Most of our solar LED light options have a range of flexibility when it comes to installation. They have the ability to be installed on the ground or on a pole and can be used for any project size. All of our solar parking lot lighting solutions systems also come with a 5-year comprehensive warranty, providing you the confidence that you are choosing a solar LED lighting product that will work for decades to come.

    Guide For Choosing The Best Commercial Solar Parking Lot Lights

    Solar LED Parking Lot Lighting

    To pick the best commercial solar parking lot lights, there are specific criteria to consider such as lighting power density, light layout, color qualities, efficiency, desired results, efficacy, and light distribution. These factors need to be considered prudently to get the desired result for your parking lot.

    In almost all cities, there are always requirements to be satisfied before installing parking lot lighting. These requirements control the amount of light to prevent excess, timing, height, and brightness of the lamps. In this article, we will provide you the guide on the components to watch out for when you want to buy your solar parking lot lights.

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    Commercial Solar Led Parking Lot Lighting Systems

    At Greenshine New Energy, we offer three state-of-the art systems perfect for solar parking lot lighting. In our Supera, Brighta, and Lumina series, youll find high quality LED fixtures that couple with solar panels for maximum efficiency and savings. Made of hot-dipped, powder-coated, galvanized steel for the poles and Cree LEDs, these systems offer reliable lighting for narrow to wide areas and can withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions.

    The L30 is pendant mounted, decorative LED site light.

    Are Solar Street Lights Any Good

    Generally speaking, solar lights carry many benefits.

    Even so, they also have some disadvantages you should be aware of before making your purchase.

    More than anything, many are venturing into this lighting choice because it is a more environment-friendly lighting option.

    Plus, going solar will save you money on your electricity bill.

    Solar lights are also much easier to set up since you wont have to suffer from the hassle of running electrical wires and cables.

    You will also appreciate that they dont require much maintenance.

    The problem, however, is that the upfront cost is usually higher. You might need to shell out a few hundred bucks to light up every inch of your outdoor space.

    Since they depend on the sun to recharge, their performance heavily relies on the weather and where you position them.

    Still, as you can see, the pros of installing solar street lights far outweigh the cons.

    If you ever decide you want to go this route, here are the best of the best solar-powered street lights that are worth every penny.

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    W Solar Powered Street Light For Parking Lot Lighting In France

    Parking lot street light lighting project in France, completed in 2014. H series 35W led street light was selected as the street light head, a monocrystalline silicon solar panel is installed on the top of the pole, the battery box is below the solar panel, and the battery and solar controller are stored in the battery box. The 35W solar LED street light uses high-quality and efficient solar panels combined with stable performance and long-life battery and high-efficiency MPPT solar charge controller with a built-in LED driver. The excellent Lumileds chip makes the light highly energy-efficient and energy-saving. Solar LED street lights can be widely used in gardens, houses, courtyards, sidewalks and feeder roads, mines and parking lots, areas without electricity supply, etc.

    Solar Parking Lot Light Project

    Solar Lights For Parking Lots - (3)

    Outdoor car parking often have large areas for customers and visitors. Lighting in parking lots can be expensive. Energy saving in exterior car park lighting is getting increasingly important. Especially, companies in commercial zone or factories in industrial zone with shift work requires to illuminate the car park through the night.

    Solar parking lot lights is come up with standalone design which is 100% powered by the sun. There is no need to connect the power grid. That is to say, it saves the cost of electricity cable investment and time to dig.

    Solar led parking lot lights can detect people and vehicle presence to provide lighting as set-up. It enable you to create more sustainable car park lighting while keeping visitors safe and comfortable.

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    • NO ELECTRICITY BILL Gefolly 300W solar street light provides 6500K daylight white light. and it’s equipped with 2650pcs high-quality LED beads and a 3.2v-30000mAh battery. IP66 waterproof grade makes it work well even in bad weather all year round. Solar-powered, no electricity bill produce, automatically turns on at dusk and turns off on the day, continuous lighting for 14 hours .more
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