Filmora Review 2022: Is it still good? Features. Pros, cons, price (2023)

You canCreate amazing videos easily using Filmora and its wide range of powerful editing tools. Filmora is a popular software for video editing. It has found a way to balance simplicity and the advanced features that users want and need. It includes some fantastic Filmora features. This Filmora review will discuss Filmora price, features, Pros, Cons, Filmora alternatives, Filmora free trial, etc.

Filmora Review 2022: Is it still good? Features. Pros, cons, price (1)
Filmora Review 2022: Is it still good? Features. Pros, cons, price (2)

Filmora Benefits

Amazing effects.

There are many presets and add-on filters that you can choose from.

It is easy to upload audio and media.

Excellent email and phone support.

Drag and drop is easy for beginners.

Text effects and transitions.

Export/import files can be done easily.

Filmora offers many great tutorials

An Overview Of Filmora

Wondershare was founded in2003. The initial focus was DVD creation, image processing, and audio conversion tools.

Over 85 million creators of all ages

From 150 countries and regions

All ages empowered to be creators

From 150 countries and regions

Filmora Review 2022: Is it still good? Features. Pros, cons, price (3)

Filmora features

Full-Fledged Video Editor

This feature allows you to save a lot of time and avoid the tedious task of basic video editing. This allows you to quickly create full-fledged videos, regardless of whether you create videos for school, business, or vlogs.


The Filmora interface has been redesigned and optimized to allow masking keyframes.

Speed Ramping

Speed Ramping is the first feature that we've added to Filmora 11. This feature allows you to control the video speed and keyframes. Also, it allows you to speed up or slow down video transitions according to your preference. This feature gives your videos cinematic effects and unique effects. Filmora 11 is the best laptop for video editing.

Quick split Mode

Cut and split long clips quickly; don't let a bad cut stop your creativity.

Auto Synchronization

Align audio and video from different cameras within the same scene.

Auto Beat Sync Feature

This new feature allows you to create videos by selecting music and adding special effects. Music is what sets the mood and feel of the video. Wondershare Filmora 11, which features auto-syncing, makes selecting the right music and beats for your video simple.

Unlimited royalty-free music will be available that perfectly matches the Filmora beat. This feature allows you to sync music to the beat with ease using an auto-beat syncing feature.

Filmora Review 2022: Is it still good? Features. Pros, cons, price (4)


Use the upgraded hum or wind denoise to improve your audio quality.

Third-Party Cloud Drives

Import media from cloud storage to increase creation efficiency.

Rebuild and Optimized Interface

The interface in Filmora 11 is more modern and optimized. It allows users to hide keyframes that are frequently used. It is straightforward to use, with no hidden menus or unlimited features. These features can be used to adjust the size of images and videos.

Automatic Synchronization of Audio & Video

Professional users will love this feature because they can take pictures with multiple cameras and then align them. This feature is handy as it lets you capture videos from different angles and expressions. The biggest problem when shooting with multiple cameras is synchronizing them together. This feature requires a laptop that can do video editing at a price of less than $1000. This section allows you to edit high-quality videos.

This feature automatically syncs audio and video taken with different cameras. This feature simplifies your work and makes it easy to do so.

Boris Updates

Add professional flair to your video with the new Boris filters, grades, and tints.

Stock Media

Browse over 10 million stock media files. Explore more with royalty-free media.

Wondershare Drive

Filmora 11 now offers Cloud storage as a feature. Wondershare Drive allows you to store and access your project on any device over the internet. It can be used to save space and share your ideas quickly with your audience.

Filmora provides featuressuch as trimming, transitions, and overlays. It's a robust yet simple application that runs on iOS and Windows. It is lightweight but has all the tools you need to create amazing videos. Filmora has many templates with amazing animations. You can select a template to edit as you wish.

Filmora Review 2022: Is it still good? Features. Pros, cons, price (5)

It is essential to know that the Filmora watermark will be applied to your final video output if you use the free version. The company updates the app several times to ensure no bugs.

This tool's best feature is that anyone can edit their video professionally. Filmora is easy to use and provides essential editing tools, amazing text tools, and filters. You can get a free trial of Filmora to see if it suits your needs.

Filmora price

Wondershare Filmora free trial is available, and You can test the software. You will see a watermark all over your exported project. The Filmora price is affordable.

Filmora Review 2022: Is it still good? Features. Pros, cons, price (6)

Filmora Support

Filmora provides 24/7 Live Support

Contact Filmora support viaLive Chat or Mail. You can also fill out a formto wait for their team to respond.

Filmora Ease of Use

The Filmora interface is one of the most attractive features. It's simple and intuitive, so you can get started as soon as it opens.

Filmora can handle any task you throw at it, simplify your creation process, and look great. Based on our customer survey and previous Filmora Review, most of the Filmora customers are happy with the ease of use of the Filmora interface.

Filmora Review 2022: Is it still good? Features. Pros, cons, price (7)

FAQ About Filmora

Is Filmora worth the buying?

Filmora is an excellent choice for a video editor as it offers all the features that a video editor needs while creating their projects. Filmora is easy to use and is recommended for beginners. So users won't have to worry about editing videos.

Filmora is safe and secure. Filmora does not contain viruses that could harm your computer or privacy.

Is Filmora as good as Premiere pro?

Premiere Pro is a more advanced program. It's the one you should use if you need everything. If you are looking for video editing software for the social media, Filmora might be a good choice. However, Premiere Pro is a better option if you anticipate that you will need to edit more in the future. Premiere Pro pricing is higher; you must spend $20 monthly.

Can Filmora be used professionally?

Professional video editing is easy with Filmora. You can signup for a 30-day free trial

Is Filmora a 1-time purchase?

Perpetual Plan – $69.99

Filmora Price is one-time payment plan. You get an official license for life at $69.99. This is not twice the price of the annual plan. This plan does not include the latest Filmora versions. The Perpetual Plan doesn't just include the software.

What's the difference between Filmora paid and Filmora free?

Filmora does not come with a free license, but you can download a trial version for free. This includes all the paid version features except the large Filmora watermark on the exportedvideo. You need to subscribe to the paid version to remove the watermark.

Filmora Trial:How long can you use it for free?

Filmora offers a30-daytrial download.

Can Filmora run on 4GB RAM?

Processor – Intel i3 multicore processor or higher, 2GHz or more For HD and 4K videos, Intel 6th Gen CPUs or higher are recommended. RAM:4GB RAM (At least 8GB is required for HD and 4K video).

Filmora Review 2022: Is it still good? Features. Pros, cons, price (9)

Filmora – Pros

4K video support.

Video quality can be improved

Built-in screen recording.

Clean & intuitive user interface.

Youtube/social media uploading

An Easy software for video editing

Filmora price is affordable.

Optional GPU acceleration to speed up encoding

Filmora Cons

Lacking some shortcuts

It slightly slows AMD processors

Best Video Editing Software

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Filmora Alternatives

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Filmora Review: Verdict – Is Filmora the right choice for you?

If you're looking for a simple interface and affordable video editing software, Filmora is a good option.

Filmora is a super easy software for video editing. splice multiple videos together, and leverage effects such as overlays.

Filmora offers a subscription service and an ever-growing effects pack that gives you access to more transitions and effects than other services. Their editing tool is also one of the fastest snip/splice options. We hope that from this Filmora Review, you've got a clear idea about Filmora features, pros, cons, Filmora pricing, and Filmora alternatives.

Filmora free trial

Filmora Review 2022: Is it still good? Features. Pros, cons, price (10)
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