6 Best Window Vacuums Reviewed UK 2023 - An Expert Buyers Guide (2023)

If you’re looking to buy a window vacuum but are a bit confused by all the choices, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve reviewed the best Window Vac’s available right here in the UK.

Plus I’ve got a quick buyers guide with everything you need to know and a couple of tips for using it so you can get the best results once you’ve bought one!

I came back in 2023 to update this article to the latest and greatest models, plus updated all the links so this remains the best place to compare appliances in the UK.

But first here’s a quick summary of the models that got reviewed, just click the links or Price & Reviews button to head to Amazon to order yours.

Top 5 Best Window Vacuum Cleaners

1. Top Choice – Kärcher Window Vac WV 2 Plus

6 Best Window Vacuums Reviewed UK 2023 - An Expert Buyers Guide (1)

  • 25 Minute Charge
  • Charge Time Light
  • Comes With Brush and spray combo
  • Great Price
  • Superb at window cleaning

Price & Reviews

The Karcher Wv2 Plus is everything you need in a window vacuum. It’s a superb price, comfortable to hold, not too loud and does a great job at cleaning windows.

I found it was great not only at removing condensation but also cleaning up the shower after I used it. The glass was clean and streak free and the bathroom “defogger” a lot faster due to their being less moisture.

It comes with a sample of the cleaning concentrate which I’d probably try out before committing to a big bottle, it works quite well just make sure you read the instructions!

The battery life of 25 minutes is more than enough time for you to get around your windows. If you have condensation it’ll make short work of it and save you having to wash an extra towel every day! I found I could get several days of use without needing to charge it.

And it’s got mess-free cleaning, you just pop open a little stopper and pour it straight into the sink, then it’s just a couple of hours charge from flat and it’s good to go again!

What I love the most though is the ability for this Karcher to get right into the window corners or all the windows I tested it on.

Overall, easily the best window vacuum, you can’t go wrong. Cheaper than the Karcher wv5 and been tested more thoroughly than the Bosch Below.

2. Best For Condensation – Bosch Cordless Window Vac

6 Best Window Vacuums Reviewed UK 2023 - An Expert Buyers Guide (2)


  • 30 minute run time
  • LED charge dispay
  • Streak free finish
  • Small window head attachment
  • Microfibre towel attachment


  • Costly
  • Attachments to store

One thing I loved about the Bosch for dealing with condesation is that it’s got a wide suction area for dealing with large windows. But it also has a small head attachment for getting smaller windows and tighter spaces wiped up. I have a thin bathroom window and the Karcher WV 2 above was actually too wide to cover it.

The blade is designed to be streak free which is great for keeping your windows clear through the day. Plus, the vacuum is strong enough that water from the condensation doesn’t pool up on your window sil.

Another great factor is the clear battery life indicator. I have problems with this on thecordless Shark vacuum I tested. I was never looking directly at the charge indicator so it normally takes me by surprise when the battery runs out. Not so with the Bosch. A clear charge level so it won’t let you down when you need it.

The 30 minute run time is 5 minutes more than that Karcher WV2 and for a first model of window vacuum Bosch have done a fantastic job. The only reason this isn’t the absolute top choice is Karcher are a more reliable brand. They’ve been round the block a few times and their window vac is tried and tested.

3. Best Karcher – Kärcher Window Vac WV5 Premium

6 Best Window Vacuums Reviewed UK 2023 - An Expert Buyers Guide (3)

  • 35 Minute Run Time
  • Removable Battery
  • Quieter
  • Includes Smaller Head

Price & Reviews

The Karcher WV5 Premium is Karcher moving towards a more professional Window Vacuum. They’ve done the classic upgrade from the WV 2 and made it lighter, shorter, quieter, with a longer battery life and you can get a spare rechargeable battery for even longer use.

What’s the catch?

It’s about double the price of the Karcher window vac.

But if you want the best Karcher window vacuum then this is it, it’s the best window cleaner, plus it cleans shower screens and tiles.

Overall, it’s up to you if you need the extra cleaning power, or you have a lot of windows you’re going to be cleaning then this’ll definitely be worth it for.

4. Best Budget – Beldray Rechargeable Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner

6 Best Window Vacuums Reviewed UK 2023 - An Expert Buyers Guide (4)

  • easy-empty tank
  • 30-minute runtime
  • Streak-free cleaning
  • Not great for regular use

Price & Reviews

(Video) 📌 Best Window Cleaner Robots | Buying Guide

You can get a window vac without breaking the bank, but it comes at a price… It’s not as good!

Lots of reports of this not working after a few months of use, so it’ll be good for semi-regular use but you don’t want to be using it every day in the shower. I didn’t have any problems with it by my tests don’t involve daily usage for 6 monoths.

But it seems to be hit and miss, so if you buy one I’d keep a hold of the packaging because I’m not sure what will happen to it. You could get lucky but best saving up for a more expensive and higher-quality model.

Perhaps not the best window vac out there but for the price, it’s great budget option.

5. Best Cordless – Vileda WindoMatic Power Window Vacuum Cleaner

6 Best Window Vacuums Reviewed UK 2023 - An Expert Buyers Guide (5)

  • ​Max power mode
  • Cleans 30-40 windows on one charge
  • Flexible neck
  • Easy to empty

Price & Reviews

One thing I don’t like about this is they claim it can clean 120 windows on a single charge, but has small print saying windows of 1 meter square. That’s a tiny window! So 120 car windows maybe but much more likely 30-40 house windows.

But that said it does do a great job at cleaning up, the wiper blade is flexible giving you more reach across deep window sills and the suction head has 2 power modes for more effective cleaning depending on moisture levels.

The charger is included and it’s reasonably under the £50 mark as of writing, you don’t get a microfibre cloth pad so you’ll have to clean the windows a different way but it’s great in the shower and bathroom for cleaning mirrors and window condensation.

Is A Window Vacuum Worth It

6 Best Window Vacuums Reviewed UK 2023 - An Expert Buyers Guide (6)
I personally think so, the amount of hassle they save when actually cleaning your windows is great and there are a bunch of other uses for them as well. Espares have a great article on different things you can use your window vacuum for.

Cleaning Your Shower

After you get out the shower just run the electric window vacuum over the glass and it’ll remain watermark free!

Cleaning Your Car

You get a really nice sleek finish on a car if after you wash it you go over it with a window vacuum. Not just the windows but the whole car. A really nice streak free finish.

Spills on the Floor

Just run the vacuum over them and they’re cleaned up! No need to get out a mop and spread it around the floor.

I feel I should point out that it only works on hard floors… A window vac is not much use on carpet! Although full disclosure, I spared myc arpets the torture of glass of water poured on to them to test this out…


If you get a lot of condensation on the inside of your windows it can be a real pain because you stop being able to see outside!

But get a window vac for condensation and your windows will be clear and free.

(Video) Top 5 Best Smart Robotic Window Cleaners To Buy in 2023!

Streak Free Windows Inside and Out

This is the classic use and the most useful, you can clean your windows with a sponge or however else you want and then run over them with the vacuum and they’ll be sparkling clean and free from streaks!

What To Look For When Buying the Best Window Vac

6 Best Window Vacuums Reviewed UK 2023 - An Expert Buyers Guide (7)

Run Time

Nobody wants to start cleaning only have to stop 10 minutes later and wait for their vacuum to charge.

So an ideal run time is about 20-30 minutes. That’s normally long enough to clean about 25 windows so long enough for anything you need to do.


You don’t necessarily need any accessories but depending on the job at hand they can make life a lot easier.

The only ones you might need are an extension pole, handy if you have tall windows, and a spray bottle and cloth. Not essential but a spray bottle and cloth make the whole cleaning process that little slicker.

Smaller Head Attachment

If you have small windows you might need a smaller blade attachment, if so then you definitely want to go with a Karcher, they’ve got a handy small head that clips on nice and easily.


Brand isn’t absolutely necessary as there are some really good off-brand window vacuums but if you get a Karcher for instance you know you’re getting some serious cleaning power.

Common Window Vac Mistakes

Some people don’t get the results they hope for from a window vac so I just want to go through a couple of the more common mistakes people make.

Moving it too fast

It needs to be pulled down across the glass with a slow steady movement, if you go too fast it misses a lot of the water.

Emptying it too fast.

A lot of the time window vacuums empty from the top of the bottle, so when people tip them over to empty them they tip it too far and it runs up their hand.

Just take it slow, it can only empty so fast, tipping it more definitely doesn’t make it faster and can just cause a right mess!

Going Sideways

They’re not designed to be used sideways like a traditional squeegee, you just need to go up and down, if you sideways it doesn’t vacuum properly and all the water will just fall down sideways! Just up and down.

Other Window Vac Reviews

VonHaus Rechargeable Window Vac

6 Best Window Vacuums Reviewed UK 2023 - An Expert Buyers Guide (8)

  • Great Price
  • 25 Minute Run Time
  • Big Water Container

Price & Reviews

If you just need a window vacuum for condensation then the VonHaus will be perfect, it’s cheaper than the Karcher but works pretty much as well. Especially if all you need it for is cleaning condensation.

(Video) How To Make $2,000 a Week with a Window Cleaning Business (How To Start with No Money)

The water tank holds 300 ml which is more than enough to get even big windows that are covered in condensation.

It can also handle all the other jobs a window vac should be able to so you get multiple uses out of it as well.

One thing that should be noted is that if you’re vacuuming down a conservatory roof there will be some splash down on top of you! It doesn’t handle being that horizontal very well and water tends to drip out the back.

Overall, a great choice of window vac is you’re just dealing with condensation, for anything else as well I’d go with one of the Karcher’s above.

TECCPO Cordless Window Vacuum Cleaner

6 Best Window Vacuums Reviewed UK 2023 - An Expert Buyers Guide (9)

  • 280mm blade
  • Wiper bottle included
  • 30 min run time from lithium-ion battery
  • Works great on cars

Price & Reviews

I really like this window vac because it’s got good suction power and comes with the microfibre cloth application bottle so you can get your windows nice and clean with soap before you vacuum them.

It’s got an easy empty dirty water tank and works effectively not just to give you clean windows but tiles, showers too. and flat surfaces like worktops too.

The cleaning head is nice and wide at 28 cm and the battery life lasts long enough to see you around 33 windows before it runs out of charge giving you a professional level clean at your fingertips.

I prefer the Karcher because it’s a well known and more trusted brand but this one is a little cheaper and well worth a try if you want to save a little money.


6 Best Window Vacuums Reviewed UK 2023 - An Expert Buyers Guide (10)

There are of course other great rechargeable window vac’s such as the Bosch Glassvac, the Karcher WV1 or the anniversary edition, and the Leifheit but I’m happy with my choices.

The window vac is a nifty gadget that has come on in years to give better and better running times and functionality. An easy cleaning solution to keep your house tidy and free from condensation. Did you know you can also use a window vac to tidy up your shower? R

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